33A-E and 33A-F Series Parallel Shaft DC Gearmotor Model N6984

33A-E and 33A-F Series Parallel Shaft DC Gearmotor Model N6984
Standard Features
  • 33A Motor provides high starting torque, adjustable speed, and predictable performance under a range of operating conditions.
  • Industrial lip type seals on motor and output shafts.
  • Needle bearing on output shaft for increased radial load capacity and long life.
  • Permanently lubricated gearing utilizing semi-fluid grease for long life.
  • Selectively hardened steel helical gearing for quietness and high output to size ratio.
  • Helical pinion accurately cut on motor shaft for maximum strength and minimum noise.
Application Information
  • Face mount is standard.
Optional Accessories
  • Encoder model 0941.
  • Brake model 0997.
  • IP-44 achieved with terminal box model 0984 or 1984.
  • 'L' bracket kit model 0969.
  • Adaptor plate kit model 0995 provides for drop in replacement of competitive gearmotors.
Matching Controls
  • We stock a full line of speed controls for our PMDC motors.
Model Number N6984
Category 24V, Class F Temperature Rating
Speed (rpm) 62
Rated Torque (lb-in) 220
Amps 12
Peak Torque (lb-in) 440
Motor HP 1/3
Gear Ratio 40:1
Radial Load (lbs) 250
Length XH (inch) 10.32
Weight (lbs) 11.9
Product Type 33A7BEPM-F3
Accessory Shaft YES
Connection Diagram 074 10101

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