The Classic Motor

Standard Features
  • Drop-in Bodine Replacement
  • 3.3' Diameter
  • High Starting Torque
  • Sealed Ball Bearing
  • Replaceable Brushes
  • Dynamically Balanced Armature
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Four piece construction-center ring, two shields, and base provides design flexibility and easy maintenance. The shields are carefully fitted to the center ring with rabbeted joints and held by four screws. This assures rigidity for positive bearing aalignment and the accurate, uniform air gap required for quiet, efficient operation
    Self-ventilated motors employ highly effective forced fan ventilation systems which make possible greater output for given frame size, and lower operation temperatures to preserve insulation and prolong lubricant life
Application Information
  • The speed of series motors varies inversely with load. Also, no load speeds are quite higher at times. (Speeds at a given voltage are higher on DC than AC). High speeds can adversely affect brush and bearing life. Servicing intevals will be longest at low speeds. Additionally, the speed of series motors is relatively sensitive to power input and speed adjustment can be accomplished by several means.
View a dimensions for this series in PDF format.
Optional Features
  • Double Shaft Extensions
  • Special Mounting Brackets
  • Cord sets, Leads and Cables
Matching Controls
  • We stock a full line of speed controls for our motors.
Technical Information
  • Voltage Range from 6 to 240 VAC/DC
  • Speed Range to 10,000 RPM
SERIES WOUND - Universal - 60Hz(DC) - Self-Ventelated
Speed RPM Motor HP Voltage AC/DC

Length 'L'

Model Number Product Type Model Number
7500 1/12 115 4.5 0007 NSE-12 CUA7512R
7500 1/10 115 4.875 0011 NSE-13 CUB7510RA
10000 1/10 115 4.5 0008 NSE-12 CUA1010R
10000 1/7 115 4.875 0009 NSE-13 CUB1007R
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