Special Motor Shop (SMS) Capabilities

We are pleased to announce the capabilities we have in our SMS 
which are constantly improving by adding more capital equipment. Our capabilities are not limited to ones listed, so please give us a call.  We will try to accommodate you.

Here are our capabilities:

  • Gear ratio changes
  • Winding changes
  • Output shaft configuration
  • Drive shaft position
  • Reduce shaft size
  • Cross Holes or Center Holes
  • Shaft extensions
  • Drilled & Tapped holes
  • Flats or keyways
  • Double output shafts
  • Lubrication change
  • Add terminal box or base
  • Mount capacitor in terminal box
  • Special cabling
  • Add high speed shaft
  • Add electrically off brake

    MC Supply Co., Inc. has over 42 years experience to offer our customers technical and application assistance. If you should have any questions as to selection or application, we will happily assist you.


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